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Our Mission Statement

"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution."
~ Paul Cezanne

At Cezanne's Carrot, we believe that day has arrived!

Cezanne's Carrot publishes short fiction and creative nonfiction that celebrates the universe and the human experience in uplifting, revolutionary ways. At Cezanne's Carrot, words and images explore the higher aspects of human nature, the integration of inner and outer worlds, and the exciting threshold where the familiar meets the unknown. We offer a positive, enlightening literary experience–and support the growing genre of literature that openly explores spiritual, transformational, visionary, and metaphysical themes.


Meet the Editors

Barbara Jacksha

Barbara Jacksha
Barbara Jackshais a freelance writer, former editor at the literary journal flashquake, and an editor and co-founder of Cezanne's Carrot. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Beloit Fiction Journal, Margin, The Summerset Review, Mad Hatter's Review, Peregrine, Mindprints, Carve Magazine, Poetry Midwest, Tattoo Highway, Talking Stick, Smokelong Quarterly, Vox, and Quercus Review. Her story "Geometry Can Fail Us" appears in the 2006 W.W. Norton anthology Flash Fiction Forward, edited by Robert Shapard and James Thomas. Barbara's work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and her screenplay, Lac Mirage, won the 2005 Southwest Writers national screenwriting competition. Barbara is also co-author of Crystal Avatar, a nonfiction handbook for high-vibrational body balancing and protection. Barbara lives in a semi-rural area near Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information, visit Barbara's website or email her at barbara@cezannescarrot.org.



Joan Kremer

Joan Kremer
Joan Kremer has worked as a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years, with numerous nonfiction publications, including two regional history books. She also has extensive experience editing print-based newspapers and magazines. She has written short stories, poetry, and is in the process of submitting her second novel, Intersections, for publication. Her first (unpublished) novel was a finalist for the 1998 James Jones Fellowship, and she's won writing awards at writers' conferences. Her poetry has been published in Gin Bender Review, and her short stories have been published in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Beginnings, and Long Story Short. She also writes the blog WRITERS IN THE (virtual) SKY about writers and writing resources in the virtual world of Second Life.  She lives in western Wisconsin in a rural town that has become a suburb of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. For more information, visit her her blog or her website, or email her at joan@cezannescarrot.org.


Where Cezanne's Carrot Got Its Name

Many people have asked us over the years why we chose the name Cezanne's Carrot. Actually, we think of it as a gift from the universe.   Here's how it happened:

Early in the process of founding Cezanne's Carrot, we met and discussed several names. None seemed right, so we decided to wait and let the perfect name appear. A few days later, Barbara happened to read an email from one of her many New Age mailing lists. It contained the quote from Paul Cezanne that you can see on our home page: "The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution." Barbara sent the quote on with a "wild hair" suggestion that the journal be called Cezanne's Carrot. We immediately knew it was perfect. The tie to the quote brings in the serious spirit of what we are trying to accomplish here, and the name is playful enough to also bring in laughter and joy.

(Another bit of trivia: the original email containing the quote also included a photo of a very cute and apparently enlightened chinchilla clutching a bit of carrot in its paws. Sadly, we decided not to use this picture.)


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How We're Funded

Cezanne's Carrot is a labor of love for its editors and co-founders, and is funded solely by donations.

If you enjoy the writing and artwork Cezanne's Carrot publishes free of charge to readers and viewers around the world, you can help us help the writers and artists whose vision and talent has made it all possible, though a donation of any size. Find out more on our donations page.



Editors & co-founders: Barbara Jacksha, Joan Kremer
Website design and development: Joan Kremer
Established: In 2005.
ISSN: 1930-2878
Publisher: Cezanne's Carrot