We've gathered—and will be gathering more—links to resources for writers and aficionados of spiritual and visionary writing and art. Below, you'll find links in these general categories:
Spiritual writing as a genre
Recommended print & online journals
General writing sites

Spiritual Writing as a Genre

Tantra Besenko: Lucid Fiction
One of author Tantra Besenko's goals is to call for a new genre of writing she terms "lucid fiction." She writes, "Consensus reality is an outdated notion. When we look beyond the illusions created all along, we become lucid. The fiction we exist in becomes lucid." She has reviews of and links to "lucid fiction magazines," as well as discussion of what "lucid fiction" is and why it's important.

Visionary Fiction
Michael Gurian, social philosopher, family therapist, corporate consultant, bestselling author of twenty books published in fifteen languages, and co-founder of the Gurian Institute, started this site to promote the genre of visionary fiction. Gurian hopes a visionary fiction association will be formed to support the writing and publication of this genre. His site includes an interesting discussion of what visionary writing is.

Magic Realist Writers International Network
An information source for writers of magical realism. Includes links, discussions, commentary.

Visionary Poetry Writing Group
An online forum for poets and aspiring poets who write about "things we feel deep in our soul that are sometimes hard to conceptualize. It is also a place to offer encouragement and help to actualize the vision our poems attempt to convey." Site defines "Visionary Poetry" as "poetry and prose that translates spiritual landscapes that we 'discover' through inner journey undertaken by intuition, meditation, psychedelics, etc."

Visionary Writers on Purpose Team
Commercial site run by Brad Swift, a freelance writer who he has been published in national magazines like New Age, Aspire, Hope, and Utne Reader. This is a teleconference-based class, critique and support group. Requires application and tuition payment. Links to a blog that is accessible for free.

Blooming Rose Press<
Website for a series of self-published visionary novels. Contains links and ideas for writing and reading visionary material.


Recommended Print and Online Journals

Here are some of our favorite journals. Some are very open to spiritual, transformational, visionary, or contemplateive writing—others are better known for expansive works that explore possibilities. Each is well worth a look! If you're considering submitting to these, or any other journal, read the journal first to get a feel for the kind of work they publish and whether your work would be a good fit.

A selective online and print literary journal based out of Los Angeles, CA, which, as the name suggests, was created out of a need to recognize, celebrate and publish highly unique and often experimental artists who have turned against the established modes of expression suitable for the inboxes of commercial and academic publishers.

The Cafe Irreal
A webzine that publishes a kind of fantastic fiction resembling the work of Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe, Luisa Valenzuela, and Jorge Luis Borges. Publishes short stories and includes essays on the theory and practice of irrealism in writing.

One of the best online journals around for flash fiction, flash-length nonfiction, and poetry. While not interested in religious material, flashquake is looking for original work with fresh ideas and strong, clean, concise writing. Work originally published in flashquake has been reprinted in Cezanne's Carrot.

Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion
Image "explores the relationship between Judeo-Christian faith and art through contemporary fiction, poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, film, and dance." While Image does focus on traditional faiths, it does so with a refreshing, respectful openness to all people on a spiritual path. Image is a print journal, published quarterly.

Mad Hatters Review
Webzine that publishes "edgy, experimental, gutsy, thematically broad (i.e., saying something about the world and its creatures), psychologically and philosophically sophisticated writings," including (but not limited to) magic realism and surrealism.

Margin: Exploring Modern Magical Realism
The oldest online journal publishing works of magical realism, and perhaps the best Internet site for examples of, information about, and links related to magical realism.

Santa Fe Poetry Broadside
Santa Fe Poetry Broadside: Poets of the Region and Beyond "is an e-zine equivalent of a tiny magazine. In the tradition of the mimeo revolution—we publish whatever we feel like! In most cases this is the poetry of our extended community, here in New Mexico and beyond."

Telluride Magazine
"The publication that showcases Telluride, Colorado."

Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature
Tiferet Journal is "a multi-faith literary magazine featuring poetry, fiction, essays and commentary that reveal the Spirit in the human experience." A gorgeous print journal, Tiferet is published twice a year.


General Writing Sites

AA Independent Press Guide "ists more than 2,000 print magazines and publishers, plus hotlinks to 800 internet magazines." Also contains links to writers' websites and interviews.

Duotrope's Digest, a database of over 975 current markets for short fiction and poetry, with markets rated in various ways.

Poetry Mountain "is an ever-expanding poetry archive and resource center." It focuses mainly on poetry, but includes many general writer resource links and a list of print and web-based literary journals.

Preditors and Editors is "a guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers," including lists of markets, agents, contests, writers' resources, and warnings, among many other writing-related topics.

Ralan's Webstravaganza is the website of speculative fiction and humor writer Ralan and his well-maintained lists of writers' markets and contests (primarily in spec fiction and humor), as well as writing tips and links to writing resources.

Spoiled Ink is a web community "designed to help writers get more readers, improve their craft, get published and promote any already-published work."

Writers In The virtual Sky is a new blog by Cezanne's Carrot co-editor Joan Kremer about the writing community and resources for writers in Second Life and other online virtual worlds.


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