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By J. Conrad Guest

Bottom of the Ninth, Two Out

“I’m standing on the pitcher’s mound at Tiger Stadium; it’s taken me seventy-four years to make this dream come true. I’m not clad in traditional baseball garb, nor am I grasping a baseball by its seams. I glance down at the plastic bag in my right hand. As the early June light wanes, my mind flashes back to 1998, to just a few days after Dad passed away, to a ringing telephone.”

By Theresa L. Hicks

Life with Death

~Editor's Prize Winner~

“In my death-bed promise to Mom, to be there for Dad, I didn’t realize I was saying yes to the role of midwife to Death. This journey with Dad is an emotional roller coaster of grief and gifts. The grief comes in waves, much like contractions. I feel acutely the times he stands at his own portals to the other side and chooses: Life continuance on this side, or Death and Life anew on the other side.”

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