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By Utahna Faith


“My dog, Harley, fell into a magazine the morning I stayed in bed too long.”

By Joachim Frank

The Swimmer

“The feeling of swimming was different now, more ethereal. The water itself had become weightless; he glided through sheer air.”

By William Reese Hamilton

Places from my Tropic Dreams

“Her face gleams pearl white, her black hair trailing across the sun. And she might reach down and say: Let's walk . . . to the ancient convent. There are no nuns there anymore.”

By Janet Loftis

Driving to the Graveyard with Auntie

“I was named after her too. Named after a woman who was now driving a wrecked Chevy through town, despite the fact that she had died two months ago . . .”

By Corey Mesler


“This morning I decided to take a piece of that dream down to the stream to fish. I broke off a sliver to bait my hook.”

By Stefani Nellen

Death Is Your Friend

“After years of being the ex-wife, she has become the alpha female again, the choreographer of my death, coordinating visits and treatments, instilling comfort, drama, and good taste where needed.”

By Rachelle Rogers


“Suddenly a voice interrupted. It's time, it whispered. Julian could have sworn it was Sam. . . . The words echoed in Julian's mind. Sound floated back to him from every corner. It's time . . . time . . . time.

By Larri Ann Rosser

Going to Ecuador

“Britne sat up abruptly and rose from the bed. Not until she was standing did she realize she'd left her skin behind.”

By Anita Saran

The Enlightened Robot

“To me, too, life seems ordinary when my master disconnects me from his brilliant brain, but that is surely because I, myself, am not brilliant.”

By Maggie Shearon

Lee Harvey Oswald and Me

~Editor's Prize Winner~

“Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy and slam! Danny Boy Malloy was back in Philadelphia, pulled from my everlasting nap, dreaming of milk and hearts, slammed into it all again.”

By Laura Stamps

The Messenger

“But she can't ignore the feeling
that this kitten entered her life
for a reason.”

By Scott Underwood

The Brief History of Man

“ 'I'm going to go to the island to find my Lu-Lu.'   Alright, but what are you doing with the trashcan?  'I'm going to go to the island and find her and love her. In the trashcan.'  This is so stupid. This is so Joe, I thought. I helped him with the trashcan to the ocean.”

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