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By Jewel Beth Davis

God Uses a Headset

“ This summer, instead of soaring free on the stage, I am a caged bird in a very small box. Instead of courting my mystical connection with God, I work five days a week . . . at the box office. ”

By Christine Boyka Kluge

Balancing on Its Rusty Blade

~Editor's Prize Winner~

“ I'm pulled into the life of the ax. Its world is so small, so distant, but it holds the shrunken past, precariously balanced near its vanishing point. ”

By Charles P. Ries

Dad Drives

“ A sense of foreboding flooded over me when a few miles into our journey, my father turned the radio off. And then he did the unthinkable. He asked the assembled group, 'Who'd like to say the rosary?' ”

By Adrienne Ross

Birds and Hope

“ Every ending is a change of skin. I was used to death dressing animals in broken bones, split feathers, dirt, hungry ants. Whatever this bird was, she was strangely, impossibly perfect. ”

By Helen Ruggieri

Kinhin: Walking Meditation

“ I drove into town, on the streets where I learned to drive, and got lost. The town I had held in my head for the last thirty years was gone, and existed only in some calcium cells stored in my brain. I was bereft. ”

By Karel Sloane-Boekbinder


“ I am sitting in Rome, inside the Basilicam Principis Apostolorum, and I wonder how many times I have flown by the window and not known about the light. ”

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