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Ancient Dreams

"Ancient Dreams" by Teresa Dunwell

Photo of original painting

Copyright © 2007 by Teresa Dunwell

Teresa DunwellTeresa writes:
With crystal clarity, the dream arrives and gives play to the ancients, the storytellers, the lifeblood of the land. No longer veiled, but speaking loudly to the silent. This painting is love expressed through the wise elders, of remembering the deep and lasting connection to the earth, the sky, the water, the Anasazi, the Mayans, and the Dream-makers.

These paintings were created in the energies of transformation and a deep connection with archetypal sources. They were painted in response to the transitions and passings in the soul's journey. The apparent luminosity is given through many layers of pigment and glazing on wood. This preparation is all natural, even to the extent of making the paint and preparing the varnishes. Every step is part of a sacred process being offered and then received through pleasant synchronicities. The painting, as meditation, becomes a living embodiment of universal energy. The intention is to help the viewer remember their Divine connection and to celebrate the "oneness" in the All, and for the artist to create from this loving awareness.

Teresa Dunwell, artist, muralist, and teacher, apprenticed with Hungarian visionary artist Marika Popovits the last seventeen years. "I was schooled in making paints like the Renaissance masters and to paint on wooden surfaces. I do this because I love returning to the sacred process of alchemy. I am intrigued with this exquisite process, which creates greater luminosity, intensity of color, and depth." In Teresa's spare time, she loves hiking in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, crewing on a hot-air balloon crew, and ministering to the sick in crisis and dying. Her paintings are located in residences, offices, and centers of healing throughout the United States, including the Denver Performing Arts Center; Timmons Gallery-Cherry Creek, Denver; Women Artist of Boulder County; and Newland Mansion-Healing Arts Center, Boulder Colorado. Commissions and prints are available upon request. Teresa can be contacted via email at More of her work can be seen at

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