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Special Feature: "Return of the Light Contest" Fiction Winners

First Place Winner:
Short Story

By Rosemary Jones

The Tin Canister

“He put the light in a small tin canister and kept it there under the bed. No peeking, he said. The light's fed up with shining and beaming and peering and stroking and refracting and walking around without clothes on.”

First Place Winner:
Flash Fiction

By Margaret A. Frey

Riding the Coma

“In the beginning you are a rock hurtling through space, a comet, perhaps, with a bright shiny tail drawn by the gravity of sound, crackling noises and half-finished words, static on the radio, only you don't remember what a radio is . . .”

Honorable Mention:
Flash Fiction

By Buzz Mauro


“We're not candle people, never were. Candle people wear saris and other flowing garments, eat vegetarian, smoke weed. We are incandescent people. Occasionally we are fluorescent people.”

By R.E. Hartman


“The egg stays alongside my boat at most times, but occasionally it resorts to catching a sloshing wave in order to be deposited upon the deck. Since finding each other, we've been parted only twice.”

By Shelly Jasperson

First Impressions

“My life is constant information, whether or not I want it. My life is knowing without wanting to know. And even though I understand people the second I see them—not only hear their thoughts, but also feel their emotions, taste their personalities, and see their auras—my life is primarily solitary.”

By Liesl Jobson

Diver's Flowers

“I know I've lost the battle when King Jesus tells me to quit bluffing. It happens, this divine revelation, on the last Friday of my three-month stress leave as I head to my weekly session with the social worker.”

By Laurence Levey


“In the eyes-closed world, the life of the little boy is romantic, dreamlike, mystical. It has endless possibilities. Why can't the boy see this? Why can't he live this magical, wonderful world? He cannot keep his eyes closed. He is taught that the magic is not real. But it is, little boy, it is.”

By Bruce Holland Rogers

With Strings

“Death was just as business-like then as he is now. He meant to give her time for one song, and one song only. But the chords were so sweet that he found himself entranced, and as the last notes faded, he stood very still.”

By Catherine Whitney


“She opened the top of the cage . . . and lowered her hand to him, cupped open, offering a ride. Something was odd about how he rested on her wrist. Ina ran her finger along the sparse fur of his belly, below the spines. He rolled over for her. ‘Benji! He doesn't have back legs!’ ”

By G.K. Wuori

Divine Request

“One day a woman woke up in her bed and knew she wanted to become a priest in the Catholic Church. Meno, her husband, lying next to her in bed, didn't want her to become a priest because he'd been married to her for thirteen years and still couldn't find anything about her that he disliked. So losing her would hurt like a nail in a kneecap. ”

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