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Special Feature: "Return of the Light Contest" Nonfiction Winners

First Place Winner:
Creative Nonfiction

By Kevin S. Pendleton

The Boxing Match

“ ‘And in this corner, ladies and gentlemen, we have the undefeated champion with a record of several hundred billion wins and counting. Wearing black trunks and weighing in at black-hole density, everyone say hello to Grief.’ ”

Honorable Mention:
Creative Nonfiction

By Carly Svamvour

This Place, This Time,
This Light

“This place . . . a courtyard, where once we gathered, exchanged news of the day, quarreled our differences, held words of love high above our heads . . . ”

By Joanne DeMaio


“And then it happened, one of those moments when time slows, the second hand barely clicking along. Its effect is strange, stretching out an intense fear so that every sense can register it, can take a look at it under some ethereal microscope.”

By Shawna Lemay

Calm Things

“If we hold these things at the centre of our heart, if we look closely and attentively enough, as carefully as the painter did, then there is a visitation, the calm eloquent message. We stand in the darkness of a door frame and suddenly remember to dip a toe into the other side, into the brightness.”

By Gregory F. Tague

Body, Blood, and Adoption

“11 September 2001. . . . By now, each day has become a triangular circuit, an invisible electrical synapse spiritually connecting us as mother-daughter-father while we move about in separate places. The course of each day would pull at us, savagely wanting to tear.”

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