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Possum in the Headlights

"Possum in the Headlights" by Reihana MacDonald Robinson

Copyright © 2008 by Reihana MacDonald Robinson

Reihana Robinson

Reihana writes:
The brushtail possum, which is a native of Australia, is considered a pest in neighbouring New Zealand. Unfortunately, the toxin 1080(sodium monofluoroacetate )is dropped from helicopters to destroy these and many other creatures in our wilderness. This is New Zealand's dirty secret, that it is arguably the most highly poisoned country in the world, unbeknownst to eco-travellers. I chose vivid colours to represent the shocking and cruel violence committed against this animal. It is a surreal moment in the bright lights of a travelling car, and the possum, startled, looks up, at once innocent and feral.

Reihana MacDonald Robinson has had artist residencies at the East West Centre in Honolulu, HI, and the Andersen Center in Red Wing, MN. Her artwork is held in collections in the USA, France, and Pacific nations. Robinson held her most recent solo exhibition on the Coromandel in New Zealand. Her poetry will be published as part of the Emerging Poets series this year by Auckland University Press. She may be contacted via email at:

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