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By Tantra Bensko

~Short Story Winner, Journeys Contest~

Quantum Fool

“Someone you don't remember from your other visits to this park stands in front of the pointed, tall rocks. Sometimes the person seems male and dark-haired. Sometimes female, redheaded.”

The Terrace Steps

“When we fly together at night sometimes, we almost exchange names like the birds, but I have not yet learned their secrets for how they do that.”

By Tania Casselle

Rebekah's Blue Dress

“When Beckie arrived in the dust of the West with a single bag holding her blue childhood dress, the one she saved for her own daughter one day, she began her true search for ignorance.”

Simple Vanilla

“The voice reads on, a voice from an island, while the sister waits, chin on fist, for the man who may or may not come.”

By R. Virgil Ellis

Remember the Night?

“Remember the night when things slipped off on their own? You laughed and sang without knowing why. I disconnected the phone. Did you see the rushing forest or the openings that formed in the sky?”

By Mary Estrada

~Flash Fiction Winner, Journeys Contest~


“Ignacio staggers toward the back of the truck. He can barely hear the panicked cries of the people inside, the drumming of their fists on the interior panels.”

By Taylor Gorman

Uncle Walt

“I awoke in the kitchen midmorning with my face against the dirt-caked tiles. Uncle Walt. I spoke to Uncle Walt. . . . What had he said? What had I said?

By C.A. Masterson


“The snowmen are dying in my neighborhood. Sitting on snow-encrusted lawns, dying in their natural habitat. . . . They look drunk-tipped over, flaccid but still smiling.”

By Doug Mathewson


“Our connection was immediate, and intense. My breath caught as I staggered with the visceral impact of recognition. In the diffused light our eyes met.”

By Darrin McCloskey

The Stain

“Yes, most definitely, this portly man in his mid to late forties, with the pinkish round face and two red blemishes, who may or may not be wearing underwear, but who is most certainly wearing flip-flops, is a killer.”

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