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By Clyo Beck

How to Get a New Roof

“. . . despite my best intentions to live a godless life, the pragmatic journey I have traveled over the last two decades has demonstrated to me that God's fingerprints are not only visible, but lace every detail.”

By Diane Elayne Dees

Summoning the Loa

“My reality changes abruptly when I enter the first exhibit room and hear the drumming. In the vaudun ('voodoo') culture of Haiti, drumming is sacred, and the spirits are attracted by the sound of their favorite rhythms and the sight of their favorite objects.”

By Robert Brandon Henderson

~Creative Nonfiction Winner,
Journeys Contest~


“The bed provided by hospice displays her at forty-five degrees, the room has been set at a comfortable sixty-eight. Blood rises every ten minutes, pumped by an oil donkey called cancer, into a white handkerchief that should, but does not, stain.”

By Mark Joseph Kiewlak

A Different Reality

“Every time I began to really enjoy myself, my parents would start in about imaginary worlds not being able to take the place of real-life friends and activities. Every time I was on the verge of complete escape, they would ensnare me within their web of worries.”

By Maria Pavlova


“And the huge thing welcomes your return, takes you back, you—the little particle that lived in that exciting journey. The thing was also excited along the way, because only through you could it experience the journey.”

By Devon Ward-Thommes

~Honorable Mention, Creative Nonfiction, Journeys Contest~

On Beauty

“I can think of two specific times in my life when I've felt truly beautiful. . . . These were times when I felt completely infused with beauty, shot through with it, as if I were actually participating in its being.”

By Elizabeth Weaver

This Edge of Sea

“I marveled at the tenuous thread connecting me to my body, pale and rocking on the bed, and felt love and acceptance for everything and everyone—all pain, resentment, alliances released. No white light, no one beckoning, simply unconditional love and absolute peace. ”

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