Welcome to the Rebirth of Cezanne’s Carrot!

by Barbara Jacksha & Joan Kremer
Editors, Cezanne's Carrot

We have woken from a year of hibernation, of gestation, of the time needed to allow this next evolution of Cezanne’s Carrot to transpire.  We are both very excited about the new energy the journal has, and we hope you will enjoy the experience of that energy as well.  We have left behind what felt old, outdated, or just plain finished, a release that allowed our new expression to appear.

We have adopted a new publication schedule. While we liked our former quarterly focus, tied to the natural rhythms of the Earth, it always felt like a throwback to the old days of publishing, and this journal’s mission has never involved looking back. Rather we want to be  more centered in the moment, in the Now, while keeping our vision always on the road ahead. We will be publishing more often, following the flow of submissions, of events, of what feels somehow organically right.

We will publish one to three stories at a time, which we believe will showcase each story and writer, give each greater presence than our old format allowed. You will want to visit the journal often to see the works of both new and established writers.


For our inaugural publication under this new format and schedule, we are delighted to bring two incredible stories to you. They are both absolutely stunning! Click the title of each story to read it.

"Strings on My Plate" by R. Virgil Ellis

"You Tell a Man Your Story" by Geri Lipschultz


Another transformation is the fine-tuning of our theme and focus. In the past, we published many general stories about spiritual awakening, a theme we feel has been well-covered by now.  What we are most interested in now are stories — fiction and creative nonfiction — that go beyond the awakening, the realization, and explore life as a multi-dimensional human (or quasi-human as the case might be.)  What happens once you open the door of awakening and walk through to the other side?  This is what we most hope to see.  In the literary world, this is largely unexplored territory, and so in this next phase of our journal’s evolution, it seemed like the perfect place for Cezanne’s Carrot to be.

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We have also modified the look of Cezanne's Carrot to make it easier to navigate (we hope!) and to allow us to spend less time on coding web pages and more time on reading and publishing stories submitted to us.  Some features of this new format:

  • The most recent stories we publish will be featured on our home page; just click the image or title for a story and you'll go directly to that piece.
  • All the new stories we publish from now on will have a comment feature where you can leave comments for the author or editors.
  • You can read all the stories we publish in this new format by clicking the Fiction and Nonfiction links on our left-hand menu.
  • All the fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork we've published since the beginning is still available on our site.  We encourage you to browse through this treasury of incredible writing and artwork by clicking the Archives link on our menu.

Thanks for joining us in this renewed adventure in visionary literature.  We invite you to offer thoughts or suggestions in the comment box below.

We hope you enjoy Cezanne's Carrot's new format and schedule!


Image © Nimalan Tharmalingam

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